Hitachi Data System Reveals Challenges of Smart Cities Development in Asia Pacific Region and Thailand’s Readiness for Digital Age (4.0)

Hitachi Data System Reveals Challenges

of Smart Cities Development in Asia Pacific Region

and Thailand’s Readiness for Digital Age (4.0)    

             Mr. Keith Roscarel, Director Public Safety and Smart Cities – APAC at Hitachi Data Systems PTE Limited, stated that “Rapid infrastructure development is currently proliferating among large cities throughout Asia Pacific Region due to the emergence of Asia’s new economic zone. Within the next 10 years, global capital mobiliy is expected to shift towards Asia’s emerging economy, leading to urbanization expansion as well as enlarging the population and economic size of urban cities in developing countries accordingly. To ensure efficient management among these urban cities, numerous countries therefore focused on Smart City development in hope to support future economic growth.          

Although many urban cities are currently equipped with public utilities, technology and internet service coupled with heavy investment in nationwide IoT system deployment to enable quick and efficient information sharing and connectivity between external sources and organizational database, the use of these information for economic and social benefits continues to remain restricted due several factors namely technological differences, lack of systematic data integration and connectivity and lack of in-depth data analysis tools that can enable realtime processing for best use of available data resources.

Throughout the past years, technology development became the key focus of Hitachi Data System in getting ready for future global demand. Thus, Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS) was developed. This intelligent software is operatable on Hybrid Cloud System and is a comprehensive, highly scalable platform that enables public and private organizations to gain situational awareness and insights for smarter operations and public safety by integrating real-time video and Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data from disparate sources on a single screen such as computer-adied dispatch (or 911), license plate recognition, shotspotter, etc. in realtime including with analytics function. The software also provides geospatioal visualization and monitoring to assist public safety officials in gaining insights for smarter and more efficient operation and investigation via realtime recording of events by sensors.

Mr. Marut Manistitya, Managing Director of Hitachi Data Systems for Thailand and Myanmar said that “Both public and private sectors are looking forward to successfully developing Thailand’s Smart City for the stability, security and economic benefit of the nation. The implemented Thailand 4.0 Policy driven by the current government has helped to push forward the nation’s technological infrastructure development and driving various public and private organizations to invest in technologies and related infrastructures for supporting the emergence of Smart Cities in the near future while enabling optimal use of big data.

Smart Cities technology solutions such as HVS by Hitachi Data System enables geospatial visualization of all kinds of criminal records including Heat Map. As a highly scalable platform, HVS is capable of assisting public and private organizations in combining hundreds of simultaneous events for geospatial visualization and monitoring. HVS solves the problem of integrating and aggregating the disparate point solutions used by cities, organizations and public safety officials by providing a single-screen, map-based view that combines video, operational data, GPS transit and fleet vehicle tracking, building and infrastructure data, social media and other sources.It also features native analytics and workflow automation to help any type of organization become smarter and more efficient.

“HVS is the first tool that brings together social media, realtime internet data upload as well as sophisticated and unique analytics to enable in-depth data collection and higher public safety by providing highly accurate projections of where and when crimes will occur. Hitachi Visualization is among several Hitachi Social Innovation solutions which support the development of Smart Cities and is specifically designed to elevate public safety of towns and cities through sophisticated predictive analytics including optimal access and efficient use of video and IoT sensor data from public safety utilities and devices,” Mr. Marut added.