Segway’s Stunning New Product Debut in Seoul: Trend-Setter in “Driving the Future”

Segway’s Stunning New Product Debut in Seoul: Trend-Setter in “Driving the Future”

SEOUL, South Korea–Aug. 29, 2017–PRNewswire/InfoQuest

Segway, the world leader and inventor of self-balancing Personal Transporter, brought its Asia Pacific New Product Launch in Seoul, Korea to a successful conclusion. The COO of Segway, Ms. Zhao Zhongwei and CEO of Segway’s Asia Pacific Region Business Center, Mr. Huang Chen made a live release of new products. Likewise, sales agents from each country in Segway’s Asia Pacific Region and overseas media from the Asia Pacific Region attended. Four new products debuted and won the unanimous admiration of the VIPs.

This Asia Pacific Launch took “Driving the Future” as its theme, making Segway’s intelligent short distance travel products a closely-associated part of people’s future lives as well as making people’s future more convenient, fashionable and high-tech.

The four new products which were released include Segway miniPLUS; Segway miniLITE; Ninebot Kids Bike; Ninebot by Segway KickScooter.

Segway miniPLUS includes multiple examples of “Fantastic High-Technology,” such as Intelligent following, one key call, scalable PTZ cameras etc. Ninebot by Segway KickScooter is a high-performance-to-cost-ratio, aesthetically pleasing, safe and practical scooter for users. Segway miniLITE is a lightweight self-balancing vehicle especially designed for children over six. Ninebot Kids Bike is fun, safety and comfort all rolled into one and tailored especially for children.

The new product models will be put up for sale mainly in Asia Pacific countries and regions such as Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, and Taiwan, China. Of the products, Segway miniPLUS, Ninebot by Segway KickScooter, and Segway miniLITE will be for sale in September, while Ninebot Kids Bike will be sold at a later date.

Meanwhile, the VIPs in attendance did an on-site trial ride of the newly released transport product models. From this they were able to more clearly experience Segway products’ Fantastic High-Technology performance and outstanding ride feel.

This Segway Asia Pacific New Product Launch brought Segway’s cool new products to its large user group and fan base in the Asia Pacific region. Once again it brought innovation to short-distance travel methods in the region, ushering in new fashions for “Driving the Future”. These will be sure to stir up a new round of fashionable-travel-technology craze in Asia and the Pacific.