Tunghsu: Super Lights Lightening the World

Tunghsu: Super Lights Lightening the World

NANJING, China–26 Sep–PRNewswire/InfoQuest

On September 24, 2017, Tunghsu, the leading enterprise of graphene application, releases the latest graphene LED lights with the unique graphene thermal management material, called “Super Light”, including graphene LED road lamps, graphene car lights, graphene industrial luminaires, and graphene tunnel lamps. Furthermore, each graphene road lamp or each car light has been installed the smart terminal connector and causes each road lamp and car to become the point of the WiFi or 5G data transmission and constitute the basic networks for Smart City, City Monitor, Smart Pubic Transport Management.

In the New Product Release Conference of Graphene Super Light, Tunghsu compares the graphene Super Light with the traditional LED lamps and sodium lamps on site. Due to the technologies of graphene thermal management material and manufacturing process, the internal LED module of Super Light is only 1/4 of the traditional, the weight is 1/3 less, the luminous effect rises by more than 20%, and the electricity used is saved by 20%-30% compared to the traditional LED. If compared to sodium light, the electricity used can be saved by more than 80%.

Through spot demonstration, the luminance of Super Light is much higher and grading is much more homogeneous than the traditional LED lamps and sodium lamps. Even a Super Light with lower power has much better optical efficiency than a traditional LED lamp or a sodium lamp with higher power. According to the results of scene displaying and measure, the power used by 125W sodium lamp can be saved by 75%, if using graphene LED lamp of 31W, lessening the carbon dioxide emission of 295KG. The charging time of a 21W graphene car light can be less total 38 hours than the halogen car lamp of 177W, which means 222KG carbon dioxide emission reduced. Meanwhile, the graphene road lamp can emit the light of yellow light – the unique technology in the world, which extremely expands the geo areas of using LED lamps.

After the announcement of Graphene Based Li-on Battery, Graphene King, Tunghsu further strengthened the leading status of graphene application industry releasing new graphene applied products, Super Light, which has much higher technical barriers without the similar kind of product existing in this market, and will play an immeasurable role in the energy conservation, environmental protection, and smart city construction.