AirCUVE Provides a 2Factor Authentication Solution to DBP Bank, Philippines in Southeast Asia

AirCUVE Provides a 2Factor Authentication Solution to DBP Bank, Philippines in Southeast Asia

SEOUL, South Korea–Nov. 27, 2017–PRNewswire/InfoQuest

AirCUVE, a network authentication security solution provider, continues to market in Asia Pacific region.For instance, it signeda 2Factor Authentication (2FA) solution contract with DBP Bank and Eastern Telecom in Philippines in 2017. It has also supplied2FA solution to several global SNS companies, including LINE in Japan and Saudara Bank in Indonesia.

Authentication processes that relyon ID and password are vulnerable to security threats due to exposure or prediction of credentials. AirCUVE’s V-FRONT,adds an additional layer of security to systems, such as VPN, VDI, and web servers, and users can access that systems using SMS, Mobile OTP, HW Token (Card Type), QR Code or Push. AirCUVE is taking the initiative in developing marketsthrough a strategic partnership with Yubico, a global company specialized in U2F authentication. V-FRONT is compatible with all network devices used by vaious companies and allows to save network environment building costs.

In 2018, AirCUVE aims to provide all types of reinforced authentication solutions for various infrastructures, including a wired or wirelessnetwork, smart mobile office, FMC, web server, financial transaction, VPN or a VDI web portal. Collaborations with companies in Southeast Asia and Japan are facilitating AirCUVE’s expansion into emerging global markets.

Nowadays, network environment is constantly shifting to mobile infrastructure. But security of public and corporate network systems is still vulnerable, requiring a more systematic network security management. AirCUVE is focusing on developing BYOD, FIDO anda Cloud security platform, by building an intelligent Road Map. AirCUVE’s CEOsaid: “The year of 2018 will be marked by AirCUVE’s expansion in the next-generation security authentication network market for banks, telecom carriers and school networks in Southeast Asia and Japan.”

About AirCUVE:

AirCUVE is a network authentication security solution provider with 2Factor Authentication for a VPN network or a smart phone network access authentication in WiFi & BYOD environment. Network authentication for over 850 users in banks, schools, governments,enterprises and military divisions during the past 15 years proves AirCUVE’s quality.

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