Concourse Display Management and Instaroid to Bring Digital ROIs to Luxury Duty Free Retailers Around the World

Concourse Display Management and Instaroid to Bring Digital ROIs to Luxury Duty Free Retailers Around the World

BANGKOK, Thailand: Concourse Display Management (CDM, and Instaroid ( jointly exhibited in early October 2017 at the first edition of the Tax Free World Association (TFWA) Digital Village in Cannes, the world’s largest showcase for creative digital solutions and services in the duty-free and travel retail industry. At the event the two companies also announced their exclusive licensing agreement that will enable CDM clients in airports and duty-free zones around the globe to benefit from Instaroid’s innovative service and boost their digital reach and visibility on social media channels.

CDM, one of the world’s leading providers of in-store design and implementation for high-end retailers in duty-free areas, is adding to its digital offering. By partnering with Instaroid, a consumer experience that enables brands to create lasting memories for their customers via a Polaroid-style photo printer linked to many online social media platforms, CDM is providing easy access to the power of effective digital marketing in the retail sector.

“Digital marketing is affecting every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s how people shop instore or on their way to the store, digital elements can be found every step of the way. It’s no longer enough to create beautiful storefronts or determine a shop’s perfect layout. Today customers want shopping to be an experience, and they want to be able instantly to share this with their friends and family. This is where Instaroid comes in. Our team at CDM provides memorable brand promotional sets and Instaroid lets people capture and share it,” said Rob Penn, CEO of Concourse Display Management.

Over the years CDM has made quite a name for itself, having worked with companies such as Lacoste, Pandora and Veuve Clicquot among others, and boosting sales by up to 300% for individual clients thanks to global implementation services. The collaboration with Instaroid will add another dimension for its clients by adding to the opportunity for brands to achieve a digital, and measured, ROI for their campaigns by linking engagement between the store and social media.

While for many this is still a very new approach, Instaroid has been perfecting its service since 2014 and has worked with global brands and companies including and companies including Cartier, Longchamp, Estée Lauder and L’Oréal. In its three years of existence, the company has been called to hundreds of events already and generated more than 100 million social media impressions. Leading international brands cannot afford to ignore such results and, as the turnout at TFWA’s Digital Village showed, they are more than keen on embracing this new technology. Representatives from well-known brands, retailers and airports alike showed a lively interest in CDM and Instaroid and new projects on three different continents were signed off by the end of the showcase.

“The Digital Village was a great success and we are very much looking forward to working with CDM on our new projects. It’s great to see that the awareness for a digital approach to boosting a duty free zone’s ROI is growing. Although there are other possibilities to do this, I think the combination of creating a uniquely beautiful space and sharing the experiences directly on social media via Instaroid is the simplest, most cost-effective solution that creates lasting memories for customers. The instant photo we give away as part of our service adds this little tangible extra people will be happy to remember and cherish,” said Nicolas Brunet, founder and CEO of Instaroid.

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About Concourse Display Management (CDM):

Concourse Display Management provides turnkey store design and implementation exclusively for duty-free brands, retailers and space owners. CDM also offers customers TRAM, the world’s first and currently only bespoke duty-free asset management software system. The company has an unmatched breadth of experience in duty-free retail: activations in more than 300 duty-free locations worldwide and rising. Its results speak for themselves as well. Recently, a client reported a 300% increase in sales at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands as a direct result of a high-end pop-up shop created by CDM at one of the airport’s international terminals. More information is available at

About Instaroid:

Launched in 2014, Instaroid quickly developed into a go-to partner for companies in various industries that understand the value of creating tangible memories at the same time as uploading and sharing them on social media. With Instaroid’s famed photo box this is possible and has helped hundreds of companies to boost their events’ reach on a multitude of digital channels and thereby give their campaigns unprecedented exposure and reach. More information is available at