induIT Announces Partnership With SAP Thailand

induIT Announces  Partnership With SAP Thailand

The partnership will enable induIT to offer first class Cloud SAP-B1 ERP services

 Bangkok – INDUIT INDUSTRIAL IT (induIT), a first-class IT service company that offers full turn-key cloud hosted solutions for a variety of industries, this week announced an official partnership with SAP Thailand, a market leader in enterprise application software that helps organizations fight off the damaging effects of complexities, by offering new and improved ERP services.

The partnership will enable induIT to provide first-class Cloud SAP Business One ERP services (Cloud SAP-B1 ERP)  to both new and existing clients. Designed to be affordable and hassle-free,  induIT’s first class Cloud SAP-B1 ERP services absolutely serve to client demands in the digital era.

“Our new ERP services will be based upon the popular SAP Business One software, which has close to one million users in more than eighty countries around the world right now,” said Avi Sahar, Founder and Owner of induIT. “The beauty of using it through us is that users won’t need to have an expensive, in-house IT department handling all of the technicalities of a server, network and end-user. We take care of it for everyone.”

induIT will host and operate SAP-B1 on behalf of clients. As a result, businesses won’t need to monitor day-to-day activities including database management and backup software, ensuring usability, availability and reliability. As IT becomes more integral to organizations nowadays, the cost of managing it properly has presented problems to businesses, which is where induIT steps in.

induIT comes with a highly experienced local, as well as international, team that makes the implementation process incredibly easy for clients, including data collection, organization and upload through to configuration, process setups, and documentation up until full integration and adaption.

 “No one wants to spend hours every day collecting data, processing data, and then trying to make sense of the data,” said Avi Sahar.  “We pride ourselves on making the process as easy and supportive from start to finish, enabling organizations to worry about other things during their day-to-day schedules.”

Thanks to the new SAP Thailand support, induIT can say they officially offer a unique level of service that combines cloud-based benefits with hands-on, personal, and on-premise service for fully supported integration. Essentially, businesses can enjoy the best of both worlds without the IT overhead.

About induIT

induIT is a Bangkok-based, full-service IT management and oversight company, equipped with full turn-key hosted solutions with on-premise support. Known for providing clients with a unique, direct form of IT support not common with other organizations today, induIT provides ERP, Database Management, Network Solutions, and Website Design and Development services. The multi-national induIT team brings over 25-years of joint IT experience in Thailand, having officially been founded over 4-years ago.