Thailand e-Commerce Week 2017, National e-Commerce Exhibition, enhancing business chance in global on-line commerce.

Thailand e-Commerce Week 2017,

National e-Commerce Exhibition,

enhancing business chance in global on-line commerce.

 Thailand e-Commerce Week 2017 or National e-Commerce Exhibition, was officially opened on a “Hope to Enhance On-line Trade Chance for Thais”. Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) revealed Thailand ranked southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce trade nation between business to consumer (B2C) at value approximately 700 billion baht, while on a total e-commerce trade in Thai market this year would cost more than 2.8 trillion baht. On a hope to dominate Thailand to be leading country of Asia for e-commerce and also in global market, the government is fully accelerating the development of basic digital infrastructure and technology while ETDA is encouraging businesses to imply with e-commerce on a rapid change the trading in global market.   

          Dr Pichet Durongkaveroj, Minister of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) said Thai economic policy makers have fully supported business to imply and explore opportunity via digital technology because business circumstances in global market at currently have changed rapidly. He said in an opening speech on “Thailand e-Commerce Week 2017: Online! Shall We Go in the Queen Sirikit National Convention, Bangkok during November 24-26.

The basic infrastructure of digital technology development is crucial part of Thailand development because it is a part of government’s new platform of economic development over the next several decades or Thailand 4.0. That is including national broadband network, internet data center, national telecommunication satellite, high speed internet and mobile phone signal.

Moreover, the government is implementing the digital  plan under five years of the fifth National Social and Economic Development Plan over 2017-2021 by integrating work on different state agencies as well as under the Pracharath which will also integrate work between government and private sector.

“This venue is designed to support Thais every level of life to transform into global e-commerce market from general domestic e-commerce or physical trade so our challenges are to educate and provide knowledge of digital technology in order to encourage them to optimize in which everyday life activity and doing business” said Dr Pichet.

 Mrs Jirawan Boonperm, Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors, the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) said ETDA set plans to support this exhibition for Thais into digital technology transformation and make Thais have higher skill on the digital technology, ETDA will support the innovation creation among businesses in order to add value of domestic economic.

 “The venue visitor will not only receive knowledge and skill on e-commerce by both Thai and international experts but also to make an initiation of new business or existing business enter into an e-commerce and make business only through mobile phone” said Jirawan.

Thailand e-Commerce Week 2017” is also set to be a match maker between local, China and Hong Kong traders so small local business or a new entrepreneur may have a chance to go out of domestic to international market while Chinese and Hong Kong trader will have a chance to deal with good quality from Thai producers. Moreover, the venue will also encourage public reliability on an e-commerce and business operator. So Thailand e-Commerce Awards: People’s Choice 2017 is relatively added in this venue.

Mrs Surangkana Wayuparb – Executive Director of the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) said a compilation activity involved with e-commerce in a full integration from e-commerce platform services providers, payment transaction, logistics services, marketing consultancy and illustration service provider is a highlight of this exhibition, with a special discount price.

Successful e-commerce business operator from small and new entrepreneur to One Tambon One Product (OTOP) and some successful business from celebrity from local show business will join in the venue.

Job fair acquired by leading e-commerce firms including on-line marketing, information technology, social media, digital content creation is available in this exhibition through the Job BKK and Work Venture. This reflects to highly requirement of job in this sector.

Knowledge and techniques from expert and guru from Thailand and international firm will be shared and exchanged within several sessions of seminars and workshops including brand creation, digital marketing, global market opportunity via an e-commerce all through 3 days exhibition.

Thailand e-Commerce Awards: People’s Choice 2017 from Thais will be selected from online by experts from state and private sector such as Google and Facebook.

Seven prominent awards for SMEs : Fan Favorites in Brand Storytelling of the year awarded to, Fan Favorites in Social Media Communication of the year was awarded to, Favorite in “ChoomChon” Brand of the year was awarded to, Fan Favorites in Website Design of the year was awarded to

For was awarded for Fan Favorites in Health & Beauty /Fashion, was awarded for Fan Favorites in Creative Farmers’ products /Agriculture and award of Fan Favorites in Food & Beverage went to

6 awards for enterprise including awarded in Favorite Brand of The Year and Top of mind of the year, was awarded for Excellent Customer Focus Service, was awarded an Excellent Delivery/Logistics management of the year.

For Fan Favorites in e-payment of the year was awarded to, a Creative Campaign & Viral Marketing of the year awarded to and an Outstanding in CSR: Corporate Service Responsibility was awarded to

Thailand e-Commerce Week 2017  was sponsored by Bangkok Bank Plc, Total Access Communication Plc (dtac), Advanced Info Service Plc (AIS), Interspace Thailand, Kasikorn Bank Plc (K Bank), the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), NIPA Technology Co., Ltd., Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank), the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), Thailand Post.Co.,Ltd., Small and Medium Enterprise Association of Thailand, the Thai Bankers Association, Thai E Commerce Association of Thailand, Thai Webmaster Association, PRO-toys Co., Ltd., Schnell Media, Semantic Touch (Bento Web), Job BKK, Work Venture, Too Fast Too Sleep, MCOT Plc, Marketing Oops Magazine, True Digital & Media Platform Co., Ltd. and others from state and private sector.