Thailand e-Commerce week 2017 Not just “Shall We GO Online!” but must be “We Must GO”

Thailand eCommerce week 2017  Not just  “Shall We GO Online!” but must be “We Must GO 

Many of us may had ever done online shopping or doing transactions online but do you know that E-Commerce or dealing products and services online in Thailand really starts since 1996 – 1997 that there were starting to trade via Web board  including followed by and and there were e-marketplace established and also online marketing and online procurement.

But the national E-commerce big improvement had begun after the MICT (Ministry of Information and Communication Technology) was established (now is MDES or Ministry of Digital Economy and Society) and legislated the Electronics Commercial laws or E-Commerce.

And the significant changes of E-Commerce was from the beginning of Social media especially Facebook that everyone could create pages for free to open the online store that quickly engaged large number of audiences that now causes E-Commerce to be inflated more than the past. From the surveying of Thailand E-Commerce value, the expected value in this year (2017) would be more than 2.8 trillion baht.

Today, the people who used to be just a buyer or consumer could easily become the online seller or E-Commerce entrepreneur but the success and time spent depends on how do you start.

If you search in the internet, you could find a lot of topics to study about running E-commerce business such as “10 steps to start your own E-commerce Step by Step”, “How SMEs start the E-commerce”, or “10 things to do before starting online business”. Most of them give you the important and useful suggestions but the thing that none of them tells you is the tips from people who had passed through the E-commerce storms and finally become successful.

In this month, from 24 to 26 November 2017, there is a big event about E-commerce “Thailand e-Commerce week 2017 Shall We GO Online! , catch up on the chances because e-Commerce waits for no one” at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center by Electronic Transactions Development Agency or ETDA that there are e-Commerce gurus and successful online entrepreneurs who would share their knowledge, experience, and unrevealed tips that you can’t find in any books or search results such as

“National e-Commerce opportunity, driven necessity, and big challenges in adaptation” from the perspective of Thailand leading organizations leader that covers many content topics, for example

–          Big Changes of the financial system that could drive both quantity and volume of e-Commerce from Prompt Pay to QR Code and going into the Digital Currency

–          How do the Thai e-Commerce catch up on the cooperation between Central Group of Thailand and the big of China?

–          ThaiBev starts to move into the online market, Next Step and Digital Transformation

–          Tax for e-Commerce, how to “Rightly” collect and support for entrepreneurs

Also listening the governing direction and support under the “Thailand Go Online” national e-Commerce plan and government roles to all-in facilitate the e-Commerce businesses in order to achieve the National e-Commerce strategy. Moreover, there is a big stage for Thai entrepreneurs who need to expand the market into Hong Kong and China that you can’t miss a chance to listen to the experts from E-Commerce association of Hong Kong.

Don’t miss the chance for people who has an idea to open online stores to attend the talk of “Online sellers, which market is growing and which one you should strike for the entrepreneurs to apply the in-depth data from national e-Commerce value surveying” to effectively plan the market invading strategy by Electronic Transactions Development Agency or ETDA (Public Organization) and listen to the hot-trended product that could be ground-shaking sold from the perspective of “Google trend & Google my business” including “ using LINE creating online business in Digital Marketing era” and also update the trend that the entrepreneurs need to know about online selling channel by using LINE as the key of communication by specialized guru experts.

Moreover, throughout the 3 days of the event, there are successful online sellers from many business sectors in both domestic and international markets gathered here to share the knowledge and experience that would be informed later.

Get ready and meet us at the Thailand e-Commerce week 2017 on 24-26 November 2017 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center for the examples, knowledge, and experiences ready to share the tips of e-Commerce business running exclusively in “Thailand e-Commerce week 2017” not just “Shall We GO Online!” as the event name but must be “We Must GO” to grasp our dream future.