Discovery Channel Unveils Smart China: Start Up Revolution

Discovery Channel Unveils Smart China: Start Up Revolution 

SINGAPORE, Dec. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/InfoQuest

China is embarking on the next stage of its economic journey – a start-up revolution where innovative thinking in technology and entrepreneurship, driven by a new generation of visionaries, is forging the world of the future.

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Who are these young and hungry entrepreneurs? Where do they get their ideas, how are they turning them into money-making enterprises? Will this Chinese start-up revolution change the way we all live our lives?

In this new 3-episode Discovery Channel documentary, host Dr Jordan Nguyen – an award-winning inventor, designer, innovator and entrepreneur – has come to China to find out. He ventures into the “silicon valleys” of China: Beijing, Shanghai, Yangtze Delta, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

In this first episode, Jordan explores Beijing to seek out new companies that can succeed in one of the most competitive global economies. He discovers how the capital’s leading universities, venture capitalists and government policy are helping to create the ‘Silicon Valley’ of China in Zhongguancun.

In episode 2, Jordan uncovers how the Yangtze Delta’s unique history is affecting the types of start-ups that are thriving and how entrepreneurs are tapping into that unique character. From innovative investment models to renovate Shanghai’s international housing to developing leading biomedical and pharmaceutical breakthroughs at the Zhangjiang Science Park.

The third episode takes Jordan to look at one of the world’s leading tech hubs, Shenzhen. Jordan meets the companies that have harnessed Shenzhen’s ties to its manufacturing past, from the company that has managed to take 70% of the drone market, to the latest R&D successes of the car company that sells electric buses in London.

Smart China: Start Up Revolution
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