How influencers are the missing marketing link Tellscore reveals 5 digital marketing shifts at M20/20 Asia Summit 2017

How influencers are the missing marketing link

Tellscore reveals 5 digital marketing shifts at M20/20 Asia Summit 2017

 Bangkok, Thailand, December 25th, 2017: Thailand’s first automated and one-stop micro-influencers-meet-brands platform, Tellscore revealed how micro influencers are the missing link for marketers at the Millennial 20/20 (M2020) Asia Summit 2017 in Singapore in October; successfully connecting brands and consumers as the digital sales & marketing landscape evolves

The two-day event brought together consumer brands and retailers to explore how innovative start-ups and millennial consumer habits are disrupting and ultimately changing commerce. Tellscore is at the forefront of that transformation with a platform that successfully leverages the power of micro influencers and peer-to-peer consumer-led marketing.

Tellscore Co-Founder, Suvita Charanwong delivered a speech during M2020 explaining how 2017 is the year of the influencer and needs to be part of communication strategies with up-to-date content that activates consumers.

Influencers are the new marketing superheroes. They are real consumers who communicate in a genuine way to other consumers, their followers, about brands. They engage consumers because they are part of the same mindset. Tellscore successfully creates that connectivity between brands and influencers as part of a performance-monitored marketing strategy.”

Tellscore identified 5 brand shifts at M2020 that marketers need to be aware of to create successful content strategies for the future. Firstly, that marketing is less about what brands are saying about themselves and more about how they are perceived by consumers.

Secondly, whilst digital advertising has experienced an unprecedented rise it is not delivering the expected ROIs due to ad-blocking standing in the way of digital advertising penetration, which can be by as much as 25% regionally. The use of influencers can significantly boost engagement and an influencer strategy fill in the gaps left behind.

Thirdly, content is still king, with the biggest consumer group, millennials, wanting to learn about products via content, not advertising; a shift towards mass one-to-one communication. Fourthly, consumers are responding more actively to peer-to-peer content, with a recent Forrester survey finding that, “70% of buyers trust the recommendations of their friends and family.”

Fifthly, the power of influence is shifting toward micro influencers. From bloggers and YouTube stars, micro influencers with anywhere from 10-300K followers can instigate a greater engagement rate percentage compared to bigger players such as celebrities with 1M+ followers. The market working with these larger macro influencers is saturated whilst the power of micro influencers is still untapped potential and niche micro influencers are more easily and effectively accessed too.

During her M2020 speech, Suvita highlighted how micro influencers play a key role in terms of the traditional sales & marketing funnel. “Influencers impact consumers and the market at the most challenging part of the process, initiating a successful call to action to purchase; sparking interest and engagement that turns into lead conversions; sign-ups; subscriptions; increased traffic; app downloads; and sales.”

Part of successfully working with micro influencers, as highlighted by Tellscore in Singapore, is brands and marketers considering resources such as budget and the time to find and employ micro influencers. They also need to think about how to scale-up their reach by utilizing the right technology and platform. Once a content and influencer strategy is in place they can understand what channels and content is working so that they can implement media power behind this.

They also need to consider challenges such as branding, credibility and volume as well as monitoring measurement tools. Tellscore is designed to enable marketers to create a performance matrix that helps define their sales & marketing strategies with micro influencers directly related to ROI.


Name of micro-influencers attending M2020

1) Name:  Male Influencer – Kirati Chaisorn

Name on Display/Event Screen etc.: They Call Me Meaow

2.) Bio:

The Creator of a famous Thai Facebook Page about Cats and Cuteness with over 500,000 followers. The team consists of “Ice” the man behind the lenses who photographs and video shoots all his cats for the online public to enjoy and his girlfriend, as his team members help out on the content and concept. They have also just started a Youtube Channel in the same name at the beginning of the year with 200,000 subscribers. Their content is cute and enjoyable for all ages. They just hope if you watch it, that it will give you a brighter day!

Email and Mobile: / 083-687-3861  Facebook:

2) Name – Female Influencer: Papfah Puttarugsa

Name on Display/Event Screen etc.: Bink

2.) Bio: A young talented illustrator and designer from Thailand who has a huge following build up through interesting content that is different and engaging. Other than her art, she likes travelling through the world and sharing her experience with her online audience to enjoy!

Email and Mobile: / 087-006-5650 Facebook: Her Website: IG:

About Tellscore

Tellscore provides a specialized one of-a-kind service micro-influencers-meets-brands platform. A channel through which consumers interact and react with brands through micro-influencers who act as online ambassadors. Tellscore creates a system that maximizes benefits and potential for brands, consumers and micro-influencers; enabling brands to connect with high-engagement micro-influencers to create digital narratives that have a real and quantifiable marketing impact – Real Content, Real People, Real Time.