PTT Group – RISE launched ‘D-NEXT’ program to accelerate ASEAN startups

PTT GroupRISE launched DNEXTprogram to accelerate ASEAN startups

 Today (18 January 2018), Mr. Chansin Treenuchagron, Chief Technology and Engineering Officer, PTT Public Company Limited and Chairman of the Board, PTT Digital Solutions Co., Ltd., presided over the opening ceremony of the Accelerator Program named DNEXTby PTT Digital x RISE which is a collaboration between PTT Digital Solutions Co., Ltd., a digital solutions partner and RISE Accel. Co., Ltd., a regional corporate innovation accelerator. The program is now welcoming all leading startups from ASEAN countries to a boot camp in order to increase their capabilities to become digital leaders in ASEAN in the near future.
In addition, the program also gives opportunity for them to work with the companies under PTT Group.

Mr. Chansin Treenuchagron, Chief Technology and Engineering Officer, PTT Public Company Limited and Chairman of the Board, PTT Digital Solutions Co., Ltd. said that “PTT Group determines to implement digital technology on the company’s operation in order to facilitate the company’s growth and change in the modern world. Previously, PTT has successfully employed new technologies such as Big Data, Blockchain, etc. Our goal is to move PTT Group forward into the world where innovation is used to elevate business organization. PTT Digital Solutions Co., Ltd., a flagship of PTT Group’s digital operation, is the key factor in driving organizational restructuring and business operation towards business transformation in accordance with PTT Group’s direction, gearing the development of all ASEAN countries towards stability and sustainability.

For ‘D-NEXT’ program, PTT Digital and RISE have launched the program to open a door of opportunity for ASEAN startups that have potentials to become a part of PTT Group’s digital transformation program which encourages innovation development to boost PTT Group’s business operation and PTT Digital’s business investment expansion. ‘D-NEXT’ program is a gateway for the new generation who are equipped with fresh ideas and different perspectives to create innovation, new markets and business expansion with PTT Group. The program also emphasizes on promoting and supporting the ASEAN startups to reach the international level and enable borderless business which is in accordance with the government’s policy: Thailand 4.0.”

Mrs. Arawadee Photisaro, Managing Director of PTT Digital Solutions Co., Ltd., explained that
“PTT Digital is aware that technological innovations, especially those that facilitate growth hacking for businesses, can push the organization towards its business goals faster. We believe in the capability of the startups in ASEAN; that is why we initiated the D-Next program. The interested startups can apply through website of the RISE’s network and Roadshow in 5 countries: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. The program aims to seek 15 startups from the ASEAN community and provide them with trainings from experienced mentors throughout the 3-month run of the program. We seek to produce startups with world class potentials of creating innovations that will allow growth hacking for large businesses, expanding their business opportunities with us.”

Dr. Supachai Parchariyanon, founder of RISE, a regional corporate innovation accelerator, revealed that “Following China and India, ASEAN is the third largest labor market in the world with over 620 million people. The economies in ASEAN have grown an average of 5 percent since the year 2000. The number of digital users also grew by 50 percent, that is over 200 million people. This has allowed the digital economy to increase 50,000 million US dollars in value. With Thailand as the central hub, this program is a great opportunity for the startups in the region to join hands and expand their business network to a wider circle. The program is being run by companies under the PTT Group, a leading company in Thailand.  Also, RISE is an innovation and startups accelerating institution which has created corporate innovations for over 1,000 organizations in both the public and the private sectors through the notion of “Accelerate Your Potential”. We fulfilled those corporate with knowledge, experts, and international connections in America, Europe, and Asia. When combined our two organizations, we can increase the business opportunities and capitals that will allow sustainable growth hacking for organizations and startups.”

During the 3-month program, selected startup teams will receive many privileges such as supports for business operations through unique accelerating programs. Meet experienced mentors from PTT Group and RISE. Get to pitch projects and do business with companies under PTT Group, as well as investors from all around the region. The program is equity-free and will not have copyrights of any of the startups’ works. Additionally, the entire program is free of charge throughout the 3-month period. Interested startups who wish to join the “D-NEXT by PTT Digital x RISE” can apply through from 18 January to
9 March 2018.  For more information, please follow us at or contact
Ms. Anunya Panichsiri, Program Coordinator through +6662635463 or via email and
Mr. Suppakorn Chudabala, Marketing Officer, PTT Digital Solutions Co. Ltd., through +66892549524 or via email