THNIC Announces a New Round for Registration of “.th” Without Category Code

THNIC Announces a New Round for Registration of “.th” Without Category Code

 THNIC announces a new round for registration of “.th” Second Level Domain, without category code during February 01 – March 15, 2018.

 Miss Siranatcha Wutthipraphanphong, a Manager of Thai Network Information Center (THNIC) Foundation, stated that domain name and website are the entrance to online presence and welcome the online users into your business. Domain name can also represent name of companies, shops, products, and services. Though social media has been significantly impacted the businesses more than before, domain name and website remain necessary factor in online business and online marketing. It is recommended for businesses to consider having its own domain name and website rather than depending on other online platforms alone. Businesses owners can select domain name that best suits to business that could ease accessibility to the business resulting in higher users. A bonus point of .th domain name that would benefit business owners is trustworthy of domain name’s holder.

   THNIC Foundation started special fast-track of “.th” Second Level Domain ( once a year since 2014, and there have been a good number of applicants. Most of the domain name holders are business and trade mark owners, inclusive of Thai brand and foreign brand that has local branch in Thailand. Therefore, Terms and Conditions for this round will be particularly limited to private business, state enterprises and trademarks only.

 Most of registrants are valued supporters to THNIC Foundation, all of the donations received have been continuously funded to public interest projects under the umbrella of the foundation. Objective of this round remains to carry on fund raising for Thai Internet Infrastructure Development for Public Interest projects, focusing on research and development on Thai internet infrastructure and Thai netizen expansion. This round, successful applicants can hold the right over domain name yearly after arranging donation payment to Thai Network Information Center Foundation for registration fee amounting to One Hundred Thousand Baht per name per year.

 As usual, registration will be serviced by T.H.NIC Co., Ltd., and its authorized resellers.   Applications will be open from February 01 to March 15, 2018. Application fee is 10,000 Baht. More detail is available at Please contact: 02-105-4007 or Email:

 About Thai Network Information Center Foundation

Thai Network Information Center (THNIC) Foundation is a not-for-profit organization which focuses on developing the Internet usage and Internet infrastructure in Thailand. The THNIC Foundation was established in 2007. The major mission of THNIC Foundation is to promote the usage of .th and .ไทย (dot Thai) domain names, as well as encouraging studies, research, and development to increase knowledge of internet technology. Another noteworthy mission is to push forward the development of Thai internet infrastructure, including but not limited to the areas of technological knowledge, internet speed, and value.