A Closer Look at Honor – The Newcomer to Thailand Smartphone Market

A Closer Look at Honor – The Newcomer to Thailand Smartphone Market

BANGKOK–March 26, 2018–PRNewswire/InfoQuest

Honor, a young, innovative, and trend-setting brand, is expanding rapidly into new markets across Southeast Asia and will officially launch in Thailand on March 27. With this big step, Honor will yet again prove it is committed to providing flagship features and seamless performance at an irresistible price point.

A Closer Look: Who is Honor?

Established at the end of 2013, Honor is a four-year old smartphone brand made for a younger generation and digital natives. As of the release date, Honor has expanded to 74 countries with over 80 million fans worldwide. It is also the top smartphone e-brand in China, overtaking Xiaomi, and a top-3 smartphone brand in Russia and Finland.

Honor has a clear strategy in product offering, outlining four product lines to meet digital natives’ evolving needs: V series, N series, X series, and Lite series.[1] It has also achieved great success globally. Honor products won eight “Best of CES 2018” awards this January. As of today, a total of 40 million units of X series have been sold. Last year during Black Friday sales on Amazon, Honor gained 100% sales growth in France, Germany and the USA.

Southeast Asian Market – Ecosystem first rather than sales

The Thailand launch follows the company’s entrance in the Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia markets. Honor already made a record when the Honor 9 Lite sold out in minutes during the first flash sale on March 13 in the Vietnam market.

“I’m thrilled to see our very first victory in the Southeast Asian market. It is no doubt a result of being well prepared and in-depth understanding on this market,” said George Zhao, President of Honor. “However, Honor is always pragmatic rather than opportunistic. As the start point of our journey in Southeast Asia, we don’t over-promise ourselves in terms of sales performance. Instead, the Honor way of doing business is to build up connections with our fans and partners first to set up a stable Honor ecosystem.”

As the key strategic overseas market, Honor weighs brand image and channel partners more over sales performance in Thailand. It is this philosophy that defines Honor’s DNA: young, innovative and trendy brand image; and the Internet driven light-asset business model. “We communicate with our target audience – the young generation – in their language. We believe that without a solid foundation and ecosystem, the business will never be sustainable,” added George.

The internet plays a key role in the young generation’s daily life, and Honor is well-versed in digital natives’ habits and preferences. To meet local young people’s evolving needs and consumption habits, Honor partners with global leading e-commerce platforms to provide better daily smartphone user experience. This is Honor’s philosophy of running business in youths’ language.

This light-asset business model has been proved successful in a wide range of overseas markets. Honor always believes that the future is where friends are and is cautious when selecting channel partners. In Thailand, to meet the local young generation’s needs and preferences, Honor has partnered with LAZADA and Shopee to provide cutting-edge technology, functionality and superior user experiences.

Stay tuned with Honor for more funs and excitements in the future!

About Honor

Honor is a leading smartphone e-brand under the Huawei Group. In line with its slogan, “For the Brave”, the brand was created to meet the needs of digital natives through internet-optimized products that offer superior user experiences, inspire action, foster creativity and empower the young to achieve their dreams. In doing this, Honor has set itself apart by showcasing its own bravery to do things differently and to take the steps needed to usher in the latest technologies and innovations for its customers.

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[1] The recent release in Vietnam was Honor 7X under X series and Honor 9 Lite under Lite series.