JIINTECH to raise global competitiveness with differentiated CCTV technology

JIINTECH to raise global competitiveness with differentiated CCTV technology

SEOUL, South Korea–April 12, 2018–PRNewswire/InfoQuest

Surveillance cameras of JIINTECH that solved low-light and heat problems

The market for digital security surveillance systems is rapidly growing as the perception that CCTV is unavoidable for crime prevention.

CCTV System Development – Manufacturer JIINTECH Co., Ltd. (CEO Jihyun Park) is recognized as performing all business related to security solution.

JIINTECH is working different than the conventional CCTV industry that it starts with the custom development and manufacturing method once it receives the request of the customer. This marketing method led to the enhancement of the reliability of JIINTECH products, this in turn, has became an opportunity for JIINTECH to invest heavily in research and development.

To ensure stable operation of CCTV, JIINTECH confirmed that it needs R & D for heat dissipation and image enhancement. Therefore, it has developed a Full HD EX-SDI camera with improved heat dissipation characteristics over 10 degrees Celsius and 70% smaller heat dissipation housing than conventional systems, with reduced color saturation, and has built up a surveillance system that is easy to install, move, and maintain.

Especially JIINTECH is launching its pinhole IP camera ‘JH20M2i-P37’ as its mainline products. The product attracts attention by combining high-resolution images of pinhole cameras applied to the cash dispensers (ATMs) without degrading image quality.

In general, the pinhole camera applied to ATM chosed a method that reduces the image quality due to the problem that efficiency is reduced when an image quality is increased. JIINTECH’s pinhole IP camera solves the problem of heat generation by resolving the problem of image degradation by separating the image pickup part and the transmission part. The IP camera is recognized by CAPS, a leading security company in Korea, and will be installed in ATMs managed by CAPS from next year.

Jihyun Park, CEO of JIINTECH, said, “We are trying to raise the quality of products and the trust of company to customers with trustworthy management. Also, through continuous R&D investment, we will build a comprehensive security surveillance system company with technological advantages in Korea and global market based on technology value that combines intelligence and character.”

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