Unitrends announces Next Generation of Backup Solution in Thailand

Unitrends announces Next Generation of Backup Solution in Thailand

Bangkok, April 5, 2018 –Unitrends, global leader of backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions under the brand “UNITRENDS”, partnered with Prasarnkorn Co., Ltd. to distribute innovative technologies, products, and services as new alternatives for data center backup solutions especially for organizations in Thailand. This time, they announce new two backup solutions: Unitrends Recovery-Series and Unitrends Enterprise Backup, targeting Thai businesses.

Dean Saunders from Unitrends said “When we talked about backup and disaster recovery technologies, many people would know the basic of them already because backup and DR are enterprise level IT technologies for a long time. Solutions from Unitrends can support the actual needs of organizations because of theirs unique features such as All-in-One comprehensive system that includes all Integrated Backup, Replication, Deduplication, Archive, and Instant Recovery features to let organizations converge all enterprise backup works in one platform. Another powerful feature is Heterogeneous Protection that supports backup both virtual and physical systems that including many operating systems and software about 220 versions and can backup data along with storage system that is already used in the organization also.

Mr. Sasanat Tantiruchirakorn, Managing Director, Prasarnkorn Co.,Ltd.. said “Today, the digital disruption has impacted on all-sized organizations, such as the great burst of data, and increasing needs to manage big data. So our company that provides consulting services about networking, surveillance video system, storage system for virtualization, backup solution for both small and large organizations, would take a great benefit from importing Unitrends’ famous backup solutions to distribute in this country. This would make an important step to support requirements for managing and backing up data in current era, especially for companies who dislike sticking with same old traditional systems. This partnership makes us to be only one exclusive distributor of UNITRENDSin Thailand.”

Prasarnkorn has imported many UNITRENDS solutions such as Unitrends Recovery-Series, the appliances with all-in-one features, and Unitrends Enterprise Backup, the virtual appliances that support all necessary features and can be installed on many platforms such as Linux (RHEL, CentOS), VMware, Hyper-V, and Citrix, with many variety models to support many kinds of users.

“Right now we are providing services to customers in many industries such as production, financials, government, education, and many others. This year we planned to access more consumers by creating more partners, and providing knowledge and understanding via many channels, so we forecasted the growth more than 15% in 2018”

About Unitrends

Unitrends is the provider of backup and continuity solutions for enterprises, aiming to reduce the complexity from service providers, and improve confidence to provide IT services, productivity, and business continuity, in the form of both physical and virtual appliances.

About Prasarnkorn Co.,Ltd.

Prasarnkorn Co.,Ltd. was founded with the mission to import IT products especially the innovative technologies that meet customers unique requirements, and to provide the best services to customers, to let customers confident and most satisfy with products and services from us.