BIGO launches Cube TV to give gamers a step up in eSport arena

BIGO launches Cube TV to give gamers a step up in eSport arena

SINGAPORE–May 22, 2018–PRNewswire/InfoQuest

As an expansion strategy BIGO launches Cube TV. The app is focused on mobile gaming livestreaming, eSports arena and boast a game shopping mall. It aims to give users a go at turning PRO.

The new service will focus on mobile gaming livestreaming, eSports arena and a game shopping mall to meet the needs and demands of gamers.

Singapore-based BIGO who owns BIGO LIVE livestreaming app has just announced the launch of Cube TV, a service that aims to satisfy gamers’ needs for mobile gaming livestreaming held in Jakarta as they celebrate Ramadan with the local community and respecting cultural differences. The app will be rolling out in S.E.A and subsequently globally in phases.

The app also boasts Blue Ray technology allowing users to watch livestreams and videos in Blue Ray. It will roll out 8M Blue Ray and 20M full HD subsequently for videos and livestreaming.

According to Aswin, Head of Marketing, Cube TV, “The idea behind is to create a vibrant gaming environment where we provide our users with the opportunity to interact in a gaming arena. Allowing them to widen their social circle and be able to share their interest with like-minded people. The shopping mall will serve the needs of gamers who are looking for gaming products and even allow them to make an earning. We hope to contribute to the e-gaming scene and foster opportunities for gamers in Asia. We’ve signed professional e-gamers such Micheal Souw, Afif, Rahmad and are expecting to see more PROs.”

James Wang, Vice- President, BIGO, “Bigo Live had $300 million of revenue in 2017 and is already profitable, Cube TV is our latest product in line of further expansion and meeting our users’ need. Providing content that users are willing to pay for is the most sustainable business model of live-streaming. We are looking at growing this new business. It has over 2 million monthly active users before its official launch in S.E.A, Middle East, South America and Russia.”

Teguh Arifiyadi, Deputy Director for Cybercrime investigation, KOMINFO, “BIGO has been an exemplary good role model in Indonesia livestreaming industry and through our exchange visit, it has helped standardize the livestreaming practice and regulations. BIGO had always been extremely proactive and had readily rendered their assistance to fight cybercrimes.”

Caya Yan, Operation Director, Mobile Legends, “BIGO is one of our most important partners and we are excited to be partnering Cube TV to hold e-Sport matches and drive in -app promotions. Mobile Legends will be increasing its focus and resources to drive the Indonesian gaming market and continue to forge deeper cooperation with Cube TV to bring more user benefits to both companies.”

BIGO will continue their R&D efforts in AI technology based in Singapore which will bring more benefits to users across all applications – BIGO LIVE, Cube TV, LIKE (a short video app) and Hello Yo (a free service voice-chat room app).


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