Grab expands existing suite of preventive safety measures to protect user safety

Grab expands existing suite of preventive safety measures to protect user safety

–          Users can add up to three emergency contacts who will be immediately notified when the in-app SOS button is being triggered in the event of an emergency

–          Grab driver partners will undergo extensive background checks and verification before onboarding   

–          Grab will continually expand its existing suite of safety measures to provide the safest ride-hailing platform for consumers and driver partners in Thailand      

Bangkok, June 25, 2018 – Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading Online-to-Offline (O2O) mobile platform, today announced enhancements to its existing suite of preventive safety measures to further protect user safety in Thailand. Currently, Grab users are able to tap an in-app SOS button in the event of an emergency, which allows them to be connected to the Thai Royal Police directly. Grab has enhanced this feature to allow users to add and save up to three emergency contacts. In the event of any potential safety incidents where users are unable to speak on the phone, they can tap the SOS button, which will trigger an instantaneous SMS alert to inform their saved contacts of their ride details. This enhancement has been deployed to all users across Southeast Asia including Thailand.

“Ensuring user safety has always been the utmost priority for Grab. We were born out of a mission to make transportation safer across Southeast Asia. We have developed stringent safety measures to ensure that our passengers and driver partners have peace of mind whenever and wherever they use our ride-hailing platform. Despite having been able to significantly reduce traffic accidents across the region, we will continually introduce new safety features such as the emergency contacts feature to bring about a safe ride-hailing experience and peace of mind for our users,” Tarin Thaniyavarn, Country Head of Grab Thailand said.

Before getting onboarded onto the Grab platform, driver partners currently undergo comprehensive criminal background checks, defensive driving and riding training, face-to-face verification and validation of their supporting documents and vehicle condition. During a ride, passengers can share their ride details, including driver’s details and real-time location with anyone via the ‘Share My Ride’ feature. After the ride, passengers can leave their post-trip feedback about their riding experience.

How SOS button works

The Emergency Contacts feature can now be enabled through the in-app pop-up. Alternatively, users can go to ‘Emergency’ in the side menu, tap on ‘Manage Emergency Contact’ and subsequently tap ‘Add’ to add up to three emergency contacts’ mobile phone numbers and names. Once saved, the emergency contact will be notified via SMS that they have been added by the Grab user as their primary emergency contact.

  • In the event of an emergency during the ride, passengers can either tap on the ‘Emergency’ button to directly connect to the police or notify the emergency contacts. If a passenger chooses to notify the emergency contacts, the SMS alert with a URL describing the passenger’s ride details, including current location, driver’s name, vehicle number and booking ID, will be sent with advice for the emergency contacts to call back or inform the police.
  • Even in the event of an emergency outside a ride, passengers can still access the emergency feature via the in-app side menu. If passengers choose to notify the emergency contacts, an SMS alert with advice to call back or inform the police will be sent but without any ride details.
  • Passengers can also opt-in to an auto-alert feature, which allows the designated emergency contact to receive an automated SMS alert from Grab, if Grab detects an unusual ride pattern such as late-night ride to a remote location. A SMS will be automatically triggered and delivered to the selected emergency contact.
  • This enhanced emergency feature is enabled in every Southeast Asian country that Grab operates in. Therefore, even if a user is in another country, their emergency contacts are still able to receive the SMS alert triggered in the event of any potential safety incidents, as long as the user’s phone is connected to the Grab application through mobile data connectivity.

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