RapidzPay gearing up to be the preferred choice of payment system in Thailand

RapidzPay gearing up to be the preferred choice of payment system in Thailand

Bangkok Thailand: RapidzPay is officially launching in Bangkok by partnering with Payment Platform Solution, an approved MasterCard company, improving the system by using RapidzPOS to introduce a new payment solution for first time in Thailand. The launch event took place on the last day of 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals football match, with more than 250 guests in attendance.

Mr Rey Cruz, Vice-President for Partner and Client Management (Payment Platform Solution), reveals that the collaboration will enhance the new payment method to be widely acknowledged and used in Thailand. The RapidzPOS machine will soon be introduced to merchants and department stores in Thailand, which will lead to an increasing number of users and usage.

“We see a huge potential and exciting synergy between Rapidz and our company – Payment Platform Solutions. As one of the leading companies in Asia, providing the actual system to RapidzPay, and more importantly provide different payment options to the growing market and users of RapidzPay is really important. Together, we will bring wider and stronger global payments for all users with ease and efficiency.”

Guests at the Blu-O, The Esplanade Ratchada- Bangkok, were able to use their RPZ to purchase popcorn and other food and drinks. Mr Cruz highlights that the Thai urban demographic is ready for this new innovation, as they are more familiar with cashless and digital payments. By introducing a new method for payments, new windows of opportunity will open in this industry.

One event attendee was very excited to share with us his view.  “The most important characteristics of cryptocurrency from a consumer is the ease of usage and transaction. If the Rapidz Global Mastercard is widely accepted, Rapidz (RPZ) coin will have the greatest value retention.”

With Rapidz Global MasterCard, members can convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies at their own convenience to make purchases at any location that accepts Mastercard. They can also withdraw cash from any compatible ATM worldwide. The RapidzPOS system can help make digital payments more convenient for merchants to track their payment history.

About RapidzPay

RapidzPay was established in 2017 with the goal of achieving efficient, transparent and low cost cross border payment solutions to a worldwide audience. By utilising the highly scalable blockchain technology and its decentralised model, it aims to cater to all e-commerce platforms globally and grow its user base by incentivising usage and coin holders.