Substratum Bypasses China’s Great Firewall

Substratum Bypasses China’s Great Firewall

DELAWARE, Ohio, Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/InfoQuest

Substratum LLC. (SUB) was able to bypass China’s great firewall–China’s mechanism that prevents citizens from accessing websites like Google, YouTube, and Twitter. By using a SubstratumNode, a Chinese citizen was able to access websites that are otherwise blocked by the Chinese government; this is huge for citizens in internet-censored countries like China, Russia, and Iran that block many websites and web-based services.

Substratum’s CEO Justin Tabb said, “The fact that it was a member of our community, one of the Beta node hosts, that did the work to prove this out makes me especially proud, grateful and blessed to have such an amazing community supporting our efforts.”

The SubstratumNode is the first part of Substratum’s three-part ecosystem that includes a crypto payment gateway “CryptoPay” and a newly formed decentralized fiat to altcoin exchange “Amplify Exchange.”

SubstratumNodes are part of a decentralized network. Each node in the network is able to receive requests from users via SubstratumNode. SubstratumNodes route those requests back to the original requester after encrypting the request and passing it along a network of nodes.

When information is routed through a network of nodes instead of brokered to internet users from a centralized internet service provider or server, the oppressing body is not able to block website requests. Even if the oppressor can identify and block one of the SubstratumNodes routing requests, there will be a myriad of other nodes within the Substratum network that will remain active and working to route requests.

Not only does this give internet users a way to circumvent internet censorships, but individuals who choose to run a SubstratumNode will be paid in cryptocurrency (SUB) for fulfilling the requests that pass through the SubstratumNode network.

Soon, Substratum will be launching the third piece of their three-part ecosystem: Amplify Exchange, a distributed and decentralized exchange where SubstratumNode acts as the backboneSubstratumNodes will process Amplify transactions and node operators will earn AMPX tokens alongside SUB tokens, which means there will be increased transaction volume on the Substratum network. In addition, SubstratumNode allows Amplify to utilize their groundbreaking BridgeChain, which will bridge the distributed and decentralized exchanges by mirroring their ledgers, giving users the benefits of both types of exchanges.

The SubstratumNode is available for download on the Substratum website, and look out for the Amplify ICO going live on November 16th!

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